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Nevada Emergency Preparedness Association (NEPA) - Website Launch

 | Published on 8/30/2016

Dear State of Nevada Emergency Preparedness Professionals,


National Preparedness month is almost here! As part of all the preparedness activity going on across the State of Nevada, the Nevada Emergency Preparedness Association (NEPA) is launching its new website: Please come and check out our website! We currently have approximately 60 members across the state, but if you are not a member, you can sign up to be a member on the website by clinking on the member signup tab. We accept credit cards now!


The mission of NEPA is to facilitate assistance and cooperation among Nevada jurisdictions, tribes and other stakeholders with emergency management/public safety issues and to promote professional standards among the membership. We will only be able to accomplish this by staying true to our values of teamwork, professionalism and excellence. As a member you will have a vote on how we influence preparedness in the state of Nevada.


Here are the benefits you will receive by being a part of NEPA:



  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with emergency management professionals in multiple disciplines. 
  • Access to forums on best practices, lessons learned, and current issues in emergency management. 



  • Collaboration with NDEM and other emergency management organizations to encourage leadership development, promote professionalism, and support strategic planning for the future of emergency management.
  • Monitoring of state and federal legislation and regulations, as well as activities, trends, and other issues affecting the emergency management community.
  • Provisions for the awareness of the roles and responsibilities of emergency managers through outreach to other organizations and disciplines.


Professional Development and Education

  • Wide-ranging educational programs and workshops conducted by subject matter experts and key individuals in the emergency management field. 
  • Leadership development opportunities in serving on various NEPA committees. 
  • Discounts and priority access to the NEPA Annual Training and Conference; the premiere emergency management conference in Nevada.


Resources and Other Member Benefits

  • Members-only access to an online resource library containing emergency management toolkits, articles, grant information, and prospective employment opportunities. 
  • A monthly newsletter providing timely information on current emergency management initiatives, legislative issues, and agency news at the local, regional, tribal, state, and federal levels. 
  • A comprehensive mentorship program designed for emergency management professionals in all career stages. 
  • Recognition of innovative programs and excellence in emergency management through the NEPA Awards Program.


NEPA is the next chapter of emergency management in our state. NEPA will be focused on including a whole community approach, while maintaining the network of emergency management professionals comradery. Together, we all share common goals as the leaders and practitioners in Preparedness, Prevention, Response, Recovery, Mitigation, and Protection in Nevada. The future is very bright and we envision a more prepared and safe Nevada bolstered by a membership of emergency management professional statewide. Please assist us in further promotion of our association across this state.